Why Hiking With Your Dog is Fraught with these Two Frequent Dangers

Your dog is your best friend, but you can make him still more amiable if you can take him on longer walking sessions.Further, if you could make your dog accompany your frequent hiking trips you can enjoy seeing your dog loitering happily in meadows and your dog will also thank you by way of being more loyal to you than ever.

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However, the fun of hiking with your dog by your side has got few lurking dangers associated with it and you may also end up getting your dog injured, sometimes fatally too. Being a responsible owner of your most liked pet, you should exercise caution in all your hiking trips and know how to protect and save your dog from any danger.

The first lesson in your dog’s safety during hiking is the very knowledge of various risks involved and we will see two of them now:

1. If you are living in the southern parts United States then you should take note of various sized anthills that may pose a potential danger to your dog. Such anthills are also found in large numbers along the coasts of South Carolina extending up to Texas, and the colonies of these fire ants are really big and very ferocious.

These fire ants are very aggressive and besides this they also found to contain venom which is being used to attack the intruders with painful bites. Though the sting or the bite may be small, when a colony of ants barge over your dog, it is possible that your dog might even die due to thousands of venomous stings.

2. The second potential danger comes in the form of snakes and more likely in the form of rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes normally inhabit hilly areas with vegetation and pose a threat both to humans and dogs as well. Further, rattlesnakes are also found to settle in burrows and in hollow logs, and once disturbed from its hideout, these snakes charge any intruder out of fear.

Though the rattle sound made by the snake may drive your dog away, there is every chance that your dog might take a closer look at the tail of the snake that makes the rattling sound and get bitten by the snake from other angle.

When it comes to snakes, there is one more common venomous snake by name copperhead that could be found throughout the entire United States. Though the venom is less virulent, it is capable of crippling your larger sized dog, but if your dog happens to be a smaller one such as Chihuahua then probably the poison may leave your dog dead.

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