Why Do Dogs Love as well as Hate when their Ears are Rubbed

Are you aware that amongst dogs, few dogs love to get their ears rubbed and there are few other dogs that snarl at you the moment you touch their ears even softly.A majority number of dogs become more submissive once you get their ears rubbed but at the same time when you exceed some limit the same caressing may turn out to be irritating to your dog and there is every likelihood of your dog getting aggressive and restive.

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Why Dogs Hate it

The main reason for dogs getting aggressive when their ears are touched is merely due to non-acceptance of strangers, as dogs generally never allow to get bossed over by any stranger. This type of act can be compared to any of your personal experience of a stranger hugging you in a public place. Will you accept such an act? Certainly not, and this is how your dog will also feel whenever any stranger attempts to rub its ears.

As said earlier, dogs never like to get bossed over by people other than their owners and hence the moment any stranger trying to reach for your dog’s ears will make your dog to get into a defensive mode. However, this type of your dog’s behaviour is good for you because no stranger can pacify your dog and gain unlawful entry into your home.

Dogs never get comfortable with strangers and for this reason that they never allow strangers to touch their ears. And any unexpected advancement by strangers to reach for the dog’s ears will be seen as domination and your dog will try to resist it either by barking or even by charging at the stranger.

However, your dog may allow the same stranger to rub its ears if the person becomes a known person due to frequent visits and your dog will no longer see the person as stranger. Though any aggressive dog may initially resist the ear rubbing act, over a period of time the same dog may welcome such acts and may even look forward to get their ears rubbed.

Why Dogs Like It

There are few dog breeds that are naturally submissive in its behaviour and such dogs will always love the ear rubbing act without any exception. Such type of dogs, whether you are a stranger or not, will become more amiable when you stroke their ears and these dogs also doesn’t mind if they get dominated over by strangers. For instance, your Chihuahua, a smaller breed by nature, may even roll on its back to any stranger, be it a human or another dog, and this is mainly due to its overly submissive nature.

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