Dog Worming Symptoms and Cure

Worms are intestinal parasites mostly found in puppies. Mostly adult dogs become worm resistant. But puppies can pick worms fro mother's milk and from environment. In acute cases it worms could be fatal to little Spooky.

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Types of worms and symptoms

Some types of worms and symptoms that will indicate the presence of these worms are given below:

* Roundworms vomit, dull coat, diarrhea / constipation, pot belly, weight loss
* Threadworms Severe diarrhea & lung infections
* Tape worms Flattened rice like in stools, diarrhea / constipation or vomiting
* Hookworms diarrhea, anemia, blood in stool
* Whipworms Weight loss & diarrhea

De-worming dog's are not as hard as it was once. A single dose can kill all the worms in Fido's body. But a single contact would get the worms back. So it is good to treat Fido for worms every 3 months.


Adult Dogs - Drontal Plus
Puppies under 12 weeks - Panacur Paste

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