Dog Ticks - Cause, Prevention & Cure

Characteristics of Ticks

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* Ticks do not move
* They cling to one point of the animal body and suck blood
* Live outdoors
* Do not infest homes like fleas
* Can carry dangerous human diseases
* Hard to find in dog’s body. Easier to deal with than fleas


Ticks have four stage life cycle. 1. Egg laying adult. 2. Egg. 3. Larvae 4. Juvenile. Ticks mates on host’s body and lay eggs on soil or leaf litters. When they achieve juvenile stage, they try to attach themselves to their hosts. So,
Keep your lawn mowed and cleaned regularly.

When you go hunting or fishing, be sure to wear hats as he ticks get to the hosts from leaves. Wear light colored clothes. Have your trousers tucked inside your socks so when a tick gets on to your socks it can travel only on your dress and can be found and removes when you site one.
Comb your pet well after your outdoor expeditions because ticks take time to find their spot on your pet’s body. Before they find one you find them. Unlike flea collars, tick collars are very effective ()


When you find a tick on your pet’s body, use special tweezers like () to pull the tick gently out. Do not rotate and pull because the head of the tick could be left behind on your Scooby’s body causing infections.

If the head gets stuck, wear gloves, apply oil on the spot, massage the spot a little and then remove the tick’s head using your gloved fingers. Be careful while removing ticks, if the head splits up it could cause infection.

If the spot gets infected, use 70% alcohol (Vodka) on the spot and apply antibiotic cream. ()


After you successfully remove the tick from your pet’s body, do not squish it you cannot kill a tick by squishing, put them in alcohol to kill it.


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