Why Dogs Love getting their Tummy Rubbed

Are you aware that you can get your dog immediately submissive by getting its tummy or belly stroked? Dogs, normally prefer and enjoy getting their abdomen or tummy stroked or rubbed and you can also use this technique to put your otherwise active dog to sleep in no time.For example, if you can rub your Chihuahua in its belly for just 10 minutes, you can see your dog falling asleep fast and almost instantaneously.

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Once you make it a habit, your dog will also soon turn to its back with paws upwards and demand your rubbing. Though many dog owners see this as an unwelcome act, there is no need for any apprehension because dogs used to practice such type of behaviour when they see their loving owners.

Further, it is also believed that dogs roll over on their belly only when they come across people who they trust and hence if you see your dog rolling over on its belly on seeing you and your family members, you need not get overly anxious about the behaviour.

Now for having understood little more about your dog’s rolling over on its belly behaviour, you may try to explore why a simple belly rubbing would make your dog feel happy. Few reasons are discussed here:

1. Your dog normally cannot reach its belly or underside or its chest area through scratching and hence any of your rubbing on these areas will instantly please your dog and the same can suffice the scratching too to some extent. Further, by doing so, you also make your dog more loving and affectionate towards you and your family.

2. When it comes to hair or fur, it is normal for dogs not to have enough fur on its belly side and hence the area is more tactile sensitive. Hence, the bare belly will give more pleasure to your dog as you stroke them and you can even make this belly rubbing as a tool to put your dog to sleep.

3. In order to make your rubbing act more invigorating and pleasurable to your dog, apply little pressure and if you can use tips of your fingers in a rotary motion then your dog will get transported to the level of ecstasy. You can also massage and squeeze your dog’s upper leg muscles, as this act can further relax your dog.

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