What Things does a Dog Show Have in Its Store for You

What will be your state of mind if you happen to hear the word “dog show”? Will you keep wondering as to what exactly a dog show is or will you be ready to know more and enhance your knowledge on various dog breeds?In real terms a dog show is basically a competition or a tournament involving many rounds to decide one winner dog based on many laid down procedures and the dog thus found to be the winner will be aptly called as “best in show”.

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The first ever round will be the breed ring where similar breed dogs will compete and based on various characteristics and judging trials few of the participating digs will be selected.

Here in this round each dog will be judged based on its respective breed characteristics and to win in this round your dog should fulfil some set standards that are specific to the breed to which it belonged to. As the rules and regulations in this breed specific round are very refined and defined, dogs that are not conforming to the set standards will automatically get eliminated.

For example, the specific size of the dog belonging to a particular breed such as Greyhound or Great Dane will be applied and all the dogs that seems either bigger or smaller than the stipulated size stand automatically disqualified.

Further, there is also a possibility for any dog to get disqualified in this round automatically if it doesn’t possess specific characteristics of the breed they belong to. For instance if a dog doesn’t possess the specific personality of the breed, then it will get chucked out of the competition at this stage itself.

How the Standards are Set?

Normally the registries and breeding clubs set standards and the same are followed in the competition. First, each and every dog participant will be screened based on its sex and they will be further segregated based on its sub class. For example, you may have a puppy class, or bred by exhibitor class or an open class within the same breed and there is also a possibility of further breaking this group based on shape, anatomy and color.

Once the dogs are segregated, they will be judged for other features and there will be one winner in each class. Again within the class there will be two winners one for the male dog and the other for female dog. Once the pair is chosen, this pair will further participate with other members to win the coveted “best in breed” honors. One dog from each category or class will reach the semifinal round and compete with the other set of dogs of the same group. Finally there will be seven “best in show” dogs for crowning.

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