Dog Allergies - Cause, Prevention & Cure

Allergens cause allergies. Allergies are the most frustrating condition that a pet and its owner had to go through. But all allergies are treatable. Treating allergies early will aid in speedy recovery and a healthy pet.

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Allergies can be classified into 2 types:

(1) Inhalant allergies
(2) Food

Inhalant Allergies


Pollen, dust mites, molds, some chemicals, soaps, perfumes cause allergies. Pollen allergies are seasonal while allergies caused by dust mites and molds occur all through the year.

Listed below are some common symptoms that could help you analyze if your dog is infected with allergies:


* Severe SCRATCHING, BITING, CHEWING AT FEET, flanks, groin and armpits with CONSTANT LICKING.
* Scooby may rub their face on the carpet.
* Ear flaps may become red and hot. Followed by Chronic ear infections.
* Strong odor from skin.
* Skin may get thickened, greasy.
* Taking note of these and treating the pet immediately is very important. Conditions like hot spots, very frustrating conditions, may develop because of constant scratching, licking and chewing. Hence immediate treatment is necessary

Home Remedy

Cool baths with medicated shampoos, colloidal oat meal or Epsom salt is the first step and this is a temporary relief.
As many ointments and sprays are harmful and are not completely tested use the ones approved by the authorities.

Safe sprays recommended are :


Antihistamines are safe in dogs. Good results were witnessed all over in treating allergies.

Recommended antihistamines:


Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids:

About 20% of allergic dogs respond well to Omega -3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in controlling allergies. Since they are natural products you need not worry about harmful side effects.

Recommended products that contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids:


As said always prevention is better than cure. It is very hard to prevent allergies. But consult your vet and run the immunotherapy test, find out the allergen and avoid the allergen. DO NOT BREED AN ALLERGIC DOG.

Food Allergies

Foods are the secondary cause for allergies. Research show that only 10% of dogs are food allergic. Severe itching and scratching in paws, anus. Face and severe digestive problems like diarrhea, breathing problems (asthma like symptoms, sneezing) with behavioral changes and seizures can be result of food allergy. Any source of protein (lamb) and rice diet will eliminate most of the allergic compounds without compromising on Fido’s necessary requirement of nutrition in a shorter run. Like humans, dogs get allergic only to certain ingredients in a food. Several dog food specifically made for food allergic dogs are available in the market. Be careful in choosing one because some products do not print all the ingredients on the wrapper. So allergens could be hidden inside the food.


These are class I products made specifically to feed fido when found allergic:

* Natural Life
* Nature’s Recipe
* Sensible Choice


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