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What are fleas?

Fleas are parasites that feed on blood and can cause infections, transmit worms and diseases to your pets.

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Flea detection

Fleas can enter ones home just like that. They can hop and travel a very long distance. You too can carry them on your clothes into your homes. Fido can catch fleas from his friends. Flea larvae can survive upto 3 years under different conditions just waiting for a prey.

Use a flea comb and check your dog for fleas and flea dust. Scratching, biting, infections and bald spots could also mean your dog has FLEAS.

Cat fleas are found to the number 1 kind of flea infesting dogs. Studies show that these flea spend almost all their life time in their hosts body. Mainly they spread through multiplication by reproduction. The eggs laid on scooby’s body is scattered all around and the eggs can survive for a very long time in the environment. So, eggs should be the first enemy. If the eggs are removed and destroyed, then the spread of fleas can be controlled substantially.

Tips to remove Flea eggs.

1. As far as possible, make Fido lie on a towel to avoid flea eggs from dropping on to the floor. Clean the towel regularly (at least once a week).
2. Regularly vacuum your carpets and the places dogs move around, sleep and lie down. Clean the vacuum bags regularly.
3. Keep the place clean to starve the flea eggs.

Destruction & Prevention

There is uncountable number of chemicals as well as natural remedies available in the markets to control or neutralize fleas in your pets. But no one method can be termed “Perfect.” The methods and means to destroy fleas varies according to the geographical location, weather, type, age and the medical history of the dog, (some remedies could cause serious allergies to your pet dog). Since most of the medicines are sprayed or dusted on the fur, it could also cause allergic reaction to humans. After carefully consulting the vet you can start the treatment to remove fleas. As I said before no one method is perfect, you may have to combine two or more methods to get rid of fleas. Method that worked once does not mean it will work always.

Some of the methods are listed below for your reference

Cleanliness is the first step in flea eradication. Fleas do not like clean environment. Call a professional cleaning company that uses flea eradication agents in the process. This will remove most of the fleas in carpets, upholsteries, couches, rugs, mattresses, mats etc. Wooden floor is preferred to carpets to reduce flea menace.

Some Natural home remedies


Submerge Snoopy neck down (Do not immerse the head. Poor Snoopy!) in warm or cool water with detergent or shampoo added in little quantity for at least 15 minutes if your dog is willing. Orange or lemon peal added to water and simmered can be mixed with the water. Eucalyptus oil can also be used.

Soap shampoo

Cedar is an excellent insect repellant. Cedar Oil, shampoo, sleeping mats stuffed with cedar can reduce fleas.

Sleeping mats made of horse hide repel fleas.

Pennyroyal is an excellent flea repellant. But they are toxic and harmful to human beings. Should be used carefully.

Add garlic to your Snowy’s favorite food. Dogs usually dispense the smell through their skin. Garlic smell repels fleas. Brewer’s yeast also does the same job. You can buy Hop off is an excellent alternative. To know more click here.

Grow fennel foliage and marigold in your garden to repel flea from gardens. Fennel foliage can also be bruised and rubbed into Fido’s fur.

Flea paper just like a fly paper or mosquito paper has also proved to be effective. They work by attracting flea with heat. The flea sticks to the paper when the paper rubbed on the dog’s fur. To know more click here...

Professional flea terminators like flea busters can also be engaged to eliminate fleas. They clean a to z and also provide guarantee that flea would not return for a year! I have come across a lot of satisfied flea buster’s customers.

Recommended products that can be used on dogs:

• Advantage (imidacloprid)
• Frontline
• Knockout
• ProTICal (formerly Defend)
• Proban (cythioate) and Prospot (Fenthion)
• Program (lufenuron)
• BioSpot

Recommended products used to spray the inside of your home:

Use a hand held sprayer to spray anti flea products so that it will be easy to reach hard to reach places of your home. Vacate your home for some time (depending upon the chemical) as chemicals could harm you, your family members and your pets too...

• Pyrethrins safe spray
• Organo phosphates (harmful)
• Insect growth regulators (*********)
• Precor (Safe)
• Torus (Kristull Products)
• Archer (Archer (,,
• Secral (3M has a variety of "sectrol" products).
• Duratrol
• Foggers

Recommended products used to spray the outside of your home:


Important Note : If your pet is young , pregnant / nursing, consult the vet because several products could harm these canines. Most products available are not cleared for use. SO read the label carefully and buy from reputed firms.




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