Your Dog Too could have a Memory Foam Bed Now

Older dogs confront a few health problems as they grow and you have to make some changes in the care you give them. You may give them food with less fat. Vet check ups can become bi annual instead of once a year. Long romps with a Frisbee can change into slower, less playful walks.The dogs bedding too can be changed. Your dog may benefit from a memory foam dog bed.

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What are Memory Foam Dog Beds?

It is a special kind of foam which is sensitive to heat and pressure. It was valuable in removing pressure from bed sores and easing tension in the back and legs in humans at first. Memory foam beds are now available for human commercially under many different names.

Memory foam beds for dogs are very much similar to those of humans. As the dog sinks into the foam it adjusts itself to cradle the dog’s body relieving the pressure on key points like the back, hips and knees unlike the ordinary cushion that irritates.

What kind of Dog needs it?

Large breeds like Doberman, Dalmatians, Labradors, Great Danes etc require memory foam beds. They are often older and may carry diseases like arthritis, hip dysplasia, back pain or recent surgical history. If the dog is not comfortable in his regular bed as the vet if a memory foam bed is needed.

Where to find the Bed?

Go the local pet store or go online to PetSmart of petco. You may also check the orthopedic dog beds section of The prices will be great according to your selection. A big foam mattress with a water proof cover may cost between $600 and$700.

A less expensive site is click on the ‘dog beds’ section. You won’t spend more than $50 whatever size it is. Like us dog’s needs change and we can buy him a memory foam bed to spend his days in pampered comfort.

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