The Secret of Understanding Dog Training Basics to Leash Train Your Dog

Just got a new pup and wanted to train him? In order to train your dog more effectively you must first understand few basics or fundamentals involved in any dog leash training and this article will make you to understand them efficiently.To start with, let you understand the simple yet the very basic “let's go” command and make your dog obey to it.

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It is always preferable to start your “let’s go” leash training in a place that is quiet and without any scope for distraction for your puppy. Puppies are always curious and inquisitive in nature and hence get distracted quite often. Hence, in order to make your pup listen to your commands during initial training, take him to a place, which is devoid of any cats or other dogs, and relatively quiet. If you happen to have a quiet backyard or a sidewalk then you can even start your dog’s training in these areas favorably.

When it comes to the tools, you need not have a whole lot of it, but very minimal numbers such as a loose fitting collar, a decent leash and a toy that can produce a squeaking sound.

First get your puppy attracted to the squeaking toy, as this part plays a further enhancing role in your training. Talk to your puppy with words such as “what is it”, as it gets drawn towards the toy and use your voice in such a tone that your puppy will feel comfortable.

Once you get successful with drawing your puppy’s attention to the squeaking toy, then your puppy will follow your hands and the noise. Try to divert your puppy’s attention to any thing else and then ensure that your puppy can continuously be attracted towards the toy any number of times.

How to Train?

Now before you could start your actual training, hold a major portion of the leash in your hand, either by coiling the leash or by other means, and ensure that you keep your puppy on your left side. Next, after holding your puppy near its collar and holding the squeaky toy before it speak the works “Let’s go” in a cheerful voice and start walking.

At this stage, as you are holding your puppy near its collar, your puppy will not have any other option but to walk with you and as far possible make it get attracted towards the toy held before it.

Ensure you put forward only few steps forward at a time and in the event of releasing the leash length after the “let's go” command your puppy may get disinterested in walking with you soon and may start loosing interest over the toy.

Note to repeat this training process until your puppy is accustomed to the “let’s go” command and be able to obey even without the squeaking toy. With success in this you have achieved the task of making your puppy learn its first lesson in dog leash training.

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