Dog Neutering Information

Why neutering?

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• To reduce excessive, roaming, fighting and aggression problems.
• To exercise dominion over the dog
• To prevent a number of common infections and health problems.
• To cure diseases like prostate gland problems, testicular tumors, and anal adenomas
• To prevent monorchid and cryptorchid animals from later on developing cancer. These conditions are hereditary. Testicles do not descend down into the scrotum during birth. It is also very hard to diagnose these conditions at birth. So at a later stage the retained testicle has a high risk of developing into cancer. Hence neutering is the best solution to save these dogs’ life and to keep them health.


• Risk of mammary tumors later in life is reduced by 70% if spayed in the 6th month of the bitch.
• Fatal conditions like pyometra (womb infection).can also be prevented if the bitch is spayed.
• During false pregnancies, bitch can undergo behavioral changes like vomiting, nesting and milk production. Spaying also stops these conditions.

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