Great Fancy Dog Bed Ideas for Your Pampered Dog Friend

Your pet dog is not a dog but a baby and you give her special food and dress her in a little costume when Halloween rolls round. She never ventures out without a coat. Why do you think she can sleep on an ordinary bid?

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It was Paris Hilton who elevated the status of family dot to a fashion accessory. From then, pet owners are out doing themselves in getting the best fancy bed for their dog. It is the owner alone who can tell what type of fancy dog bed suits his pet dog.

Fancy Dog Bed # 1 The Canopy Bed

Elegant canopies remind us of royalty and forbidden desires consummated on starlit nights. Many bed and breakfasts offer canopy beds and pamper their guests completely. It is only the dog that is pampered totally. Go to for a canopy dog bed. Windsor canopy dogs in colours are offered by them. The colours range from chic, sheer ebony, decadent fluffy, feathery pink etc. Prices are from $275.

Fancy Dog Bed #2 The Wood Bed

Probably a canopy bed is too much for you down to earth pet. But this does not absolve you from your duty. Simply because your dog is not of a Harlequin Romancy type you should not relegate it to sleep on the dirty cloth.

A wooden dog bed would be sensible to have. offers every thing from Punkies bed in “butter soft” pink or lavender to an Emma wood bed with a soft plaid cushion and an old fashioned natural wood finish. Mahogany sleigh bed with leopard or cheetah cushions is highly elegant. The price range is from $350 to $400 according to your size and choice.

Fancy Dog Bed # 3 The Dog House

It is not a traditional dog house in the backyard. It is a soft cushiony dog house where your pet can instinctively sleep as well as get pampered.



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