Make Your Own Dog Bed at Home in Easy Steps

A dog bed is sine quo non for one who has a dog. They are available at very high and low prices according to their quality. If you are crafty you can make a home made dog bed. You can not only save money but involve children in this special project.

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This will be a funny task for anyone in a crafty mood. Either you can gift the dog bed to friends or use it for your own dog. Materials for making dog beds are easily available and it is easy to make. You have to adjust the bed according to the size of the dog.

Home Made Dog Beds

This is for small to medium sized dogs. Collect a few plastic grocery bags for the padding for your dog bed. Then you require a pillow case and some string. Fill the pillow case with many plastic covers as possible for the comfort of your special pup. When the desired size is reached tie off the open end of the pillow case. You have now a low cost comfortable bed for your dog. For an extra large bed, get a fabric from a craft store and adjust the size to fit your dog perfectly.

Designer Dog Beds

If you do not make a dog bed, purchase a designer one costly designer bed will give you perfect comfort and style. The starting price of these designer beds is $99 and above. Apart from your dog to sleep on the hair loss of the dog, then will be a minimum.



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