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Cure / Prevention
Calculus and plaque can cause gum disease and bone infection
Bad breath
Antiplaque liquid or gel like Chlorhexidine can be used in addition to regular brushing using non-foaming enzymatic toothpaste and a soft bristle toothbrush or finger brush made specifically for dogs can be used.
Cavities lead to abscessed tooth
Swelling just below the eye
Same as above
Pyorrhea leads to gum disease, mouth odors, receding gums and bone destruction and Kidney infection
Inflamed and infected gums
Same as above

Recommended Book

Miller, Harry. The Common Sense Book of Puppy and Dog Care. Bantam Books, Third Edition (revised) (1987). ISBN: 0-553-27789-8 (paperback).

Excellent insight into symptoms. A guide to find out the overall health condition of the dog. Most major sickness are discussed in detail. A must for a dog owner


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