How to Safe Guard Your Dog from Tainted Dog Food

It is not necessary that the primary ingredients should be bad for tainted dog food. One ingredient less acceptable for all entire production is enough to contaminate dog food exported to outlets worldwide. Each ingredient is not manufactured by pet food maker. Any one of the separate components can be contaminated to affect the entire product.

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Tainted pet food has caused an out break of deaths and illness. It is difficult to find the origin of tainted dog food. Anyone of the ingredients, say the main source of meats if tainted, will have a detrimental effect on the batch. Though something not a problem is in the food supply, if the additive is fatal to canines, it becomes tainted.

Cyanide poisoning is caused by apple seeds, but is not harmful to chickens. If the chicken that has eaten apple seeds enters dog food, the cyanide present in it causes illness and death to dogs. Recently wheat gluten was tainted and spoiled tons of pet food. Wheat is not used in any form in many organic pet food forms because of the bad reaction to the protein expected in many animals. But a few companies use it as a protective source.

Protect your pet

When a famous supplier of dog food gets bad food ingredients it is not easy to protect the pet from contaminated dog food. A proper check of all ingredients in such cases may solve the problem. If proteins and grains are properly supplied by the ingredients, there is a chance of the animal saved from being a victim of tainted dog food.

To increase the taste and appearance of foods many pet foods use preservatives and additives with artificial colors and flavorings. Pet foods with standard ingredients do not require additives. These should be totally avoided. While many cheap dog foods are perfectly safe with the same strict guidelines in avoiding tainted dog food, a few lesser known brands may be tainted and contain ingredients harmful for the animal.

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