How to Get Your Dog Food Customized with Eukanuba Dog Food

Customized dog food for the specific breed, size and age of your dog is manufactured by Eukanuba. This specification is required as there are differences among the needs of dogs of different sizes and ages. Puppies may require different quantities of nutrients than elderly dogs.

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Eukanuba supplies dog food for small, medium and large breeds specially for puppies, adults and elderly dogs. As dogs need help at every stage of life in different areas, a dog food provider like Eukanuba is more than welcome for loving pet owners. Generic pet foots are prepared for a large number of breeds, ages and sizes but not for the level of individual pet needs.

The longerity of small dogs is greater than that of large sized dogs. They require more anti oxidants and have high metabolic rates needing high levels of protein and fat in their diet. Eukanuba dog food provides precisely these things to pets with the healthiest diet.

Puppies of smaller breeds need a lot more energy in their diet than older dogs and Eukanuba dog food supplies the needs for any sized dog. Customized dog foods are very popular among pet owners who wish to give the best diet to their pets according to the dog’s stature age and breed.

Eukanuba Dog Food Recalls

Eukanuba suffered heavy losses when many pet foods were recalled as it supplied dog food world wide. The wet food brands which were recalled affected only the US and Canada and not products distributed around the world. These recalls distressed pet owners as reports flowed in that dogs were growing seriously ill and even dying after eating contaminating food.

Though Eukanuba brands of dog food were recalled, they were not be recalled in recent times as they did not have processed vegetable proteins or melamine in their products. Eukanuba uses animal proteins from red meat, chicken, fish and eggs and so chances are few and far between for ingredients to enter pet’s stomach after taking Eukanuba dog food.

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