How to Avoid Mistakes while Selecting Healthy Dog Food

Pet owners are very much agitated about the availability of healthy dog foods as well as known dependable brands are known to provide unhealthy and poor quality ingredients. It has almost become a challenge to find healthy dog food brands. It is better, therefore to know what dogs should and should not eat.

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There are many brands of pet food with highly processed options which are unbelievably unhealthy particularly for dogs which require 40% protein, 30% starch and 30% fiber. When you read the labels of dog food, you should ensure that the first ingredient is enriched protein and does not contain meat by products, corn meal is of no value for a dog and is used as a mere filler.

A vegetarian diet, for the dog is much better than cheap commercial brands on sale. Dogs can get protein from other sources also. Holistic dog foods are also a healthy option. They have natural human grade ingredients. Natural and healthy preservatives may be required to keep the food fresh.

Popular choices are raw food diets, the healthy god foods, since they are the most natural options for a dog. The best thing will be to prepare the dog food yourself based on the nutritional requirement advised by the vet.

Switching to Healthy dog food

Dogs poorly fed with cheap, processed brands of food do not have much energy as the other dogs have dull coats, are often sick with food allergy problems visiting the vet often. So you should switch over to healthy dog food of better quality or brand or diet.

A nutritious and well balanced diet will offset a lot of side effects of a poor diet. Switching over to healthy diet should be slow and steady as the dog takes time to get used to a different type of diet. A total detox from the previous diet can be a shock to the system.

Healthy diet may be refused but by and by it will become its first choice. Healthier food should be added to the diet slowly in addition to the old food. By splitting the food given will ease the dog in to the new diet. Give steadily more healthy food and less of the cheaper stuff till the dog’s food is fully healthy dog food. The long term benefits are often various reasons to do this.

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