Little Known Facts of Food Poisoning in Dogs

Even ordinary foods can be poisonous and food poisoning proven fatal to dogs. Owners should be very careful in feeding dogs with leftovers and tidbits.Apart from well known brands of dog food that get contaminated by accident, there are several foods that have toxins harmful to dogs.

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For instance, a few sugarless candies contain Xylitol which damages the liver and even causes death by food poisoning. Ordinary chocolate, too, causes severe side effects in dogs.

Last movements and a complete loss of appetite are among the many signs of food poisoning in dogs. Yellow jaundiced eyes and gums indicate liver damage and food poisoning. Vomiting also reveals that it has taken some poisonous substance.As it takes a number of days for the symptoms to appear, you need not wait for them but take it to the vet if you suspect food poisoning immediately even when it is alright.

Prevention of Food Poisoning in Dogs

Owner can adopt a number of steps and precautions to avoid the harmful effects of food poisoning in Cavines control the quantum of raw meat and fish the dogs eats regularly to avoid bacterial and parasitic infections.

Don’t offer moldy and gone off food to avoid wastage. Chocolates and sweets are forbidden for dogs because of the fat content and certain other ingredients, the fat content being excessive for it. Excess onions, garlic and other ingredients in the kitchen can prove toxic to dogs.

Just as human food, dog’s food should be handled hygienically. In spite of their strong stomachs, dogs are sensitive to bacteria and infections.As dogs cannot articulate their sufferings, the owner, by the time he realizes food poisoning in dogs, will be utterly hopeless and helpless. The illness in dogs should never be allowed to prolong as it will prove more expensive with the vet’s bills in case the illness is serious.

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