How to Reciprocate Your Dog’s Love with Royal Canine Dog Food

Dog lovers are proud of owning a dog. Many dogs live in shelters where there are, nobody to adopt them. Dogs really appreciate some one who brings it from a shelter and it is considered to be the best dog the person owns. These canines are very faithful and love their masters every time they walk the rough door.

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Dogs brought from shelters deserve no less care or love than the others. Since the rescued dog reveals extreme love and fidelity to the master, the pet owner too should exhibit his love through excellent care. The dog can be assured of long and happy life by feeding it properly. Royal canine dog food is a premium brand of dog food that keeps the dog healthy with a shiny coat and sparkling eyes full of life.

The brands under which Royal canine food is sold are Sensible choice and KASCO. The dog food is targeted at three sizes of dogs-first minidogs weighing less than 20 pounds, the medium dog diet for dogs between 20 to 55 pounds and the third for dogs form 55 to 100 pounds.

Philosophy of Royal Canine Dog Food

The philosophy of Royal Canine Dog Food is unknown to many and varies from most of the other manufacturers of dog food. These people believe that the dog comes first and the owner second. So the best dog food for its health is prepared. Their motto is “Respect the animal”.

Royal canine dog food works on five fundamental principles. The first is ”No consumer surveys, only animal studies”. The second is “To offer products with precise nutritional scientifically proven answers”. The fourth principle is “Reject anthropomorphism” viz the difference between nutrients and ingredients. The fifth and final principle is “Only the prescribers and the specialized distribution outlets can bring the technical information to the customers.

The inference is simple. Buying premium Royal Canine dog food shows the significance of a dog to its owner. The food is not manufactured to please the owner but to satisfy the dog and make it feel great and enjoy along and healthy life.

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