Why Canidae Dog food is Your Dog’s Lifeline

If your dg hesitates to eat food or has any trouble, in eating the food given to it, it should be of discriminating type and you should think twice before buying dog foods.A few available dog foods are not tasty for dogs which the dogs will not touch. Hence to make your dog eat what you provide, you have to choose only good quality dog food like the canidae dog food.

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Being the best known brand of dog food i the market today, pet owners and breeders all over the country prefer canidae dog food for their pets as they simply love this variety of food.

Supply what the dog loves

Canidae dog food is very tasty and all dogs love it. Even if your dog is a very picky one with his food, you need not worry about wasting your money on the canidae dog food. There are a wide variety of canidae dog foods to select from. This comes in four types of meat meals namely chicken, turkey, lamb and fish. If your dog is very choosy of his food, a small pack of the different types of canidae dog food can be bought and the sample tasted.

Giving variety of food

Similar to human beings dogs do not like the same stereo typed food daily. After eating the same kind of food for a few days, the dog will ignore the food. At that stage you should not compel or force the dog to eat it for a few days.

As your dog requires different kinds of food you can buy more than one type of canidae dog food. If you are feeding it twice a day, you can give your dog different flavours of canidae dog food each meal to stimulate its appetite.

While providing different flavours of food to your dog, give him only the amount of food recommended. Do not allow the dog to over eat for this may cause obesity which may not be altered later.

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