Stop Feeding Your Dog with these Bad Dog Foods

Though there is no bad dog food, in reality many less expensive brands are not that good for them. The not so popular brands of dog food do not have ingredients best suitable for them in including beef from sick or dying cows and other criminals of sickly health.

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All dog foods, in addition, are not of the same and best standard with vitamins and minerals needed by dogs and animals at different stages of their growth requiring different supplements. Any food not having the ingredients liked by the dog is considered as bad dog food. There are a few things required for the dog and also humans. But a few foods healthy for humans are deadly for the dogs.

For instance, apples which are best for human health are deadly for dogs. Apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides which may cause cyanide poisoning in glycosides which may cause canines. The same result can happen with apricots and cherries which are very bad dog food.

Accidental intake of Bad Dog Food Deadly

Similar to smoking for humans, nicotine is deadly for dogs. Cigarette butts, cigars and pipe tobacco if taken by the family pet can cause nicotine poisoning with symptoms of hyper activity, vomiting, diarrhea leading to palpitation and cardiac arrest. Nicotine patches and gum are also deadly and users at home should keep those items out of the dog’s reach.

Stomach problems trouble dogs and also pancreatic disorders through eating too much salt in their diet or by accident. They drink too much water also after the salt which gives rise to gas in the stomach leading to excruciating pain and death.

Other bad dog foods are raw bread dough which rises in the heat of its stomach creating a lot of discomfort. In the process alcohol is produced creating health problems for the canines

Don’t share your morning coffee or soda or other drink with caffeine is a stimulant and may cause seizures which, in some animals, have proved fatal.

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