How to Evaluate Your Dog’s Tactile and Hearing Sensitivity

Dogs are known for its strong sense of smell and there is no need to explain on the dog’s sniffing capabilities, as the same is widely put to use by police and other agencies.However, your dog also does have two other strong capabilities and they are nothing but your dog’s strong sense of touch and sharp hearing capacity.

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Hearing Sensitivity

Amongst the many breeds of dogs, few dog breeds have exceptional sensitivity to sound. For example, your Chihuahua will run out of your drawing room if you just increase your TV volume, as the dog is so sensitive to loud sound it cannot just bear the loud sound from a TV.

Your dog’s hearing sensitivity, a prime requirement for better guarding your house, may sometimes prove hazardous and make your dog anxious and restless. Hence if you find your dog anxious more than the required limit, then you should get your dog tested by a qualified veterinarian. Though there is no effective treatment available to correct your dog’s hearing sensitivity, you can at least exercise caution and avoid areas that may prove to be hard on your dog’s ears.

Tactile Sensitivity

A dog’s touch sense is very marked and it is also used favorably for communication while training your dog. Again, within the ambit of touch sense, your dog also does have a tolerance or threshold level that can get altered depending upon the external stimulus or situation.

Your dog’s touch sensitivity can profitably be put to use while training your dog and once you know the right equipment to be used then your dog will become more obedient and respond to your commands without fail. As said earlier, every dog has got its own threshold level and if your physical contact or touch level is beyond this level then your dog may not respond to your commands and instead may start misbehaving due to irritability.

When it comes to tactile sensitivity in dogs, it is observed that the tolerability or the threshold level varies depending upon breeds. For instance, the St. Bernard breed is known for its capability to travel long distance in extreme cold conditions where as the smaller breeds such as Chihuahua may even hesitate to venture out in rains. Here these extremely opposite examples were given only to make a beginning in understanding the touch sensitivity variations in dog breeds.



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