How to Impart Exercising to Your Dog in Hostile Environment without Injury Risk?

No doubt you will feel proud for having a good and envious dog breed, but all your efforts of bringing up the dog will become futile if you fail in your responsibilities to give the proper exercise to your dog.Exercise is a must for keeping your dog healthy and agile, but getting your dog to do its exercises without getting injured during hostile environments such as severe cold is really a tough task for you.

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However, you need not sit and keep wondering as what to do, because here are four valuable tips that will certainly assist you in imparting the proper exercising to your dog even in icy temperatures.

1. If you happen to live in a place of extreme chilliness, then first take care to see that your dog’s body and its legs are sufficiently warmed up before stepping out. If your home is warmed up and if you just step out in chill weather unwittingly, then it is possible that your dog will get affected due to sudden exposure to cold. Hence in order to avoid injury due to sudden exposure to cold, you should get your dog’s body muscles stretched so as to get them warmed up for the proposed exercise schedules.

2. If you live in an area where there will be frequent snow fall, then you must exercise caution that your dog doesn’t fall or slip during any exercise schedules, as any fall in icy patches could cause severe injuries. There is also a possibility of your local administration sprinkling the area with anti-slip materials such as sand or chemicals or salt and this could also prove to be injurious to your dog’s paws.

3. Though you may take enough care to protect your dog’s feet from the injurious ice or sand or salt, it is always better to make your dog wear the specialized dog boots made for the purpose of protecting your dog’s feet from water and other hazardous chemicals. These dog boots also give your dog a firm footing over the slippery icy surface and in case of need you can also trace the boot marks to track your dog.

4. Note to inspect your dog’s feet on a regular basis and inspect them without fail after return from any exercise schedule in cold environment. Look for any swellings in his feet or limbs or paws and treat symptomatically. Further, you should also check your dog’s nails and trim any split nails, as these split nails could make your dog’s feet get stuck while exercising and thus causing injuries in legs.



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