How a Toy Group of Dog Breed can make a Playful Pet?

A majority of the dogs coming under this toy group are normally small and are essentially bred for the purpose of companion dogs or lapdogs. If you just take a closer look at these dogs, you may find them to resemble miniature versions of hunting or working dogs.

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The normal height of these toy group dogs will be around 4 to 6 inches and may weigh a meager 2 and 4 pounds. And owing to its miniature size, these dogs are not meant for doing any type of work, but they are lovable cuddly creatures. The normal lifespan of these toy group of dogs is around 15 years and they keep a very decent health despite its delicate nature.

The lovable toy group dogs are very playful and can keep entertaining you virtually non-stop. They keep a very intimate affection with their owners and at the same time maintain distance from strangers. When it comes to the dog’s behaviour with children, they immediately get along with any children but due to its fragile body nature children should be taught to handle these dogs very delicately.

With your life getting more associated with apartment lifestyle, you can find this breed getting accommodated to your home very fast but you must bear its noisy behaviour and excessive barking tendencies. These dogs fulfill all its exercise need by just running and hopping in and around your home and hence if you are a busy person, then you need not bother much about your toy group dog’s exercise needs.

As said earlier, the toy group dog is just a miniature of a bigger hunter breed, but not in its behavior, because the toy group dog can equally be noisy and difficult to obedience sometimes. For instance, the Brussels Griffon is an aggressive and stubborn dog and has got a very high-prey drive that necessitates socialization training to have a better control.

If you would like to see or hear few examples of toy group dog breeds, then the following list may be useful:

Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Brussels Griffon, Italian Greyhound, Papillon, English Toy Spaniel, Pug, Maltese, Miniature, Pinscher, Havenese, Pekingese, Affenpinscher, Chinese Crested, Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Japanese Chin, Silky Terrier, Toy Manchester and the popular Pomeranian.



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