How to Avoid Your Dog from its Scent Marking Habit

Dogs are born with an attitude to scent-mark its territory in order to announce the outer world and other species about its reigning area. Though it is the act of power for your dog over its territory, it is an annoying experience for you and for the visiting guests.The strong smell of your dog’s urine will certainly make your guests turn away besides leaving you with few damaged furniture or rugs or even your shoes for that matter.

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Further, your dog whenever finds a new object with objectionable or unfamiliar smell, then it will mark the object or area with its urine to gain dominance and this could put you in an unwanted embarrassment.However, here are few tips on how you can get your dog prevented from making its scent marking your favorite items or rather its favorite items:

1. The first rule is prevention. It is always better to prevent your dog from doing the act of its scent marking his territory rather than scolding him and keep cleaning the area regularly. Try to prevent your dog from urinating inside your house at the first instance, and once you potty train him, then your dog may fall in line and stop doing the unwanted act of scent marking.

2. You can also try the other route of neutering your dog with the assistance of a veterinarian so as to avoid any sexual heat and other hormonal changes in your dog. You must also understand your dog’s behaviour after it is neutered or spayed for better management.

3. The simple trick of removing all your dog’s favorite items and placing them in a place that has been scent marked by your dog can work for you favorably and help you to avoid any of your items scent marked by your dog again. For instance, if you can keep your dog’s food bowl next to a place where it previously scent marked will make your dog avoid such areas again to do the act of scent marking. This is because, besides you, your dog also doesn’t like its place or items stinking, be it from its own urine or any other strong smelling odors, and sure this tip would help you to get your dog disciplined properly.

4. You can also consider the option of treating your dog with drugs so as prevent him from doing the scent-marking act. Dogs due to anxiety and high stress level, urinate frequently and irrespective of the cause for your dog’s fear, you can get your dog treated with drugs to pacify your dog. You can contact your veterinarian for getting the right drugs prescribed for your dog and you can also note to ascertain the possible side effects on your dog’s behaviour.



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