How to make the Best Use of the Clicker in Training Your Dog

Dog lovers and owners around the globe are using clickers to get their dogs trained, as training your dog with a clicker is really fun and the results are more encouraging. Training your dog with clicker will certainly obedience your dog quickly and you can get your dog disciplined in a right way.

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What Is A Clicker?

A clicker is a very small, compact and simple device that produces a distinct “click” sound when activated with a remote trigger. Animal enthusiasts who are against harsh punishments on dogs during any training vouch for such clickers as effective aid for giving the necessary positive training to your dog. And interestingly, these clickers are also put to use in training horses, cats and even dolphins!

How Clickers Work?

The success of clickers initially depends on your ability to get your dog’s attention drawn towards the click sound and once you achieve this your job is done. In fact, it will be easy for you to reap your dog’s attention to the clicker within a day and you can right away start training your dog. Initially, in the event of your difficulty in drawing your dog’s attention, you can associate the click sound to that of any of your dog’s favorite dishes and soon your dog will fall in line.

How to Reap Success?

At the first instance start using the clicker and produce the click sound. Once your dog hears the sound make available a small treat to your dog. Use the clicker again after some time and again provide your dog with a different treat this time. And within a short time your dog will start associating the click sound to one of its favorite dishes and will start responding quickly.

Though some dog may take little more time than expected, there is no doubt that all dogs will get drawn towards the clicker sound, as it is going to turn out to be its favorite dishes and you can get success within a very short time if you can use tasty dishes that could work as a motivator. Once your dog knows for certain that the click sound will soon follow a treat, it will look to you with rapt attention and you can start utilizing the opportunity to start your positive dog training with the use of the clicker.

When it comes to training your dog, there are many ways and for instance, you can ask your dog to sit and you can make the clicker produce a click sound whenever your dog responds positively. Now you can give your dog the treat and this can make your dog to respond to all your commands and be ready for more due to the treat at hand.

After your initial use of the clicker and training your dog, you can even stop using the treats and change your technique by showering your dog with praise and affection so as to make it happy. The biggest advantage of a clicker is that you can keep using it without giving your dog any treat and your dog will also keep responding to the commands without the need for any treat.



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