How to Anticipate and Avoid Dangers while Hiking with Your Dog

Undertaking hiking to explore the beauty of nature’s mountain ranges can really be a wonderful experience to you, and if you could take your dog along, then the thrill of mountain hiking will get further enhanced.However, hiking with your dog has got its own disadvantages in the form of lurking dangers to your dog, but you need not allow this thought to bother you if you can take few precautionary measures as enumerated below.

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Identify Unsafe Spots and Cliffs

No doubt mountains can give wonderful scenery and it will really be a scintillating experience to take a panoramic view of your living place from a mountain. However, the pleasures that a mountain can give to you has also got hidden dangers in the form of deep cliffs, unsafe spots, etc., and you must doubly careful if you happen to take your dog along with you in your hiking trip.

Dogs normally do not see the height as a threat or in other words they do not have any fear for heights. Dogs, due to their ability to ignore heights, tend to walk along deep cliffs or other unsafe spots without any fear and in the event even one wrong step your dog may fall into the deep gorge and get injured or even die. Further if the place happens to be wet due to snow or rain then the risk of your dog meeting with a slip is really high and eventually you will lose your wonderful pet forever.

Breathing Difficulty at High Altitudes

Over and above what has been mentioned with regard to dangerous spots in any mountain hiking, your trip in a mountain with your dog has got an another danger and it comes in the form of reduced atmospheric pressure that makes your and your dog’s breathing difficult. Dogs, especially if they are old, will experience difficulty in their breathing at high altitudes and this may even prove fatal sometimes. If your dog has had any lung problems or problems related to its heart or if your dog is short nosed (brachycephalic breed), then the risk will get doubled at high altitudes.

Availability of oxygen at high altitudes will be less and when this is coupled with low pressure, your dog may experience shortness of breath and suffer altitude sickness. Further, the temperature at high altitudes will normally be lower than the plains, and hence as you ascend with your dog you and your dog will tend to get affected by chilliness of the weather for which you need to take adequate protection.



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