How to Pre-empt and Avoid Your Dog from Getting Injured while Hiking

Though your hiking expedition with your dog by your side is really fun and thrilling, there is little scope that you will return home without getting your dog injured.Any hiking is fraught with dangers and your dog unwittingly will meet with one of the dangers if you are not careful and cautious. Out of various lurking dangers, we will see 3 potential dangers that when taken note by you can make your hiking trip uneventful.

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Forest Dangers

As you set your foot out on a hiking trip with your dog, the vast natural woodlands and deep forests will stay spread before you and your dog for exploring. Similar to your interests, your dog will also get enthusiastic to explore things and places and in its adventurous expedition your dog may meet with many traps that has been set by hunters for catching small animals and mammals and these traps with its sharp edges normally cause deep injuries and may even prove fatal to your dog.

For instance, in many parts of northern US, hunters are in the habit of placing baits in pits or ditches to trap furred animals and many a times these traps will end up in catching one of the curious dogs that accompanied its master in a hiking trip.

The possible solution to this menace is to avoid hiking during any of the hunting seasons and additionally you can also get to know more about the frequent places where hunters hunt for such small animals and remove those areas from your itinerary. Further, you should also note to consider the threat from poachers and it is better you get your dog clad in a bright orange dog vest to avoid any mistaken identity.

Chasing Prairies

Prairie chasing is one of the most favorite pastimes of your dog that too when you are undertaking hiking expedition. Prairies are not aggressive creatures but they get scared at the sight of other animals and hence take to their feet thus making your dog chasing it without any second thought.

Though your dog may not be interested to chase animals that are bigger in body size such as deers or young bisons, it is sure to get allured by prairies and start chasing them without fail. There are also instances where the chasing dog getting lost its way back to you or get caught in other dangers of the forest or the area.

Foxtail Plants

These Foxtail Plants belong to the perennial weedy grass species and are normally found sparsely on roadsides and abundantly in grasslands and forest areas. The plants have long spikes that hold many seeds with sharp edges. When your dog unwittingly explore its interests through these foxtail plants, the seeds will get lodged on your dog’s body and inside the paws giving severe pricking pain. Further, as these seeds come with barbs pointing in opposite direction, they get lodged deep into the flesh with every attempt of your dog to shed them and thus make your dog exposed to infection too.



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