The 8 Step Guide to Find Out Your Dog’s Heat Exhaustion

Summer months are fun months for your dog, as your dog always prefers to stay outside and indulge in playing with water and splashing in water bodies such as local ponds, rivers, lakes and ocean coast.Just because the weather is good and conducive, your dog may not like to stay inside your home, but however you must exercise caution and try to save your dog from any heat exhaustion during the peak summer.

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When humans stay active in outdoors during summer, they take time to see that they are cooled off and get their lost body fluids replenished sufficiently. However, when it comes to your dog playing continuously outside in hot sun, your dog doesn’t have any mind or brain to save itself from any heat strokes and hence may end up fainting due to severe dehydration.

Your dog when gets exposed to too much of hot sun outside, it can suffer from heat stress and may even suffer from heatstroke due to its stay in hot sun without proper re-hydration. Under such severe hostile hot conditions, your dog, if not properly cooled off, may suffer heat problems and may end up with heart failure or cellular breakdown or even brain damage.

Again, within the species, few dogs are more vulnerable and susceptible to get internal injuries out of its exposure to severe heat. If your dog is overweight or has got some kind of respiratory or cardiovascular issues, then your dog is 300 percent more vulnerable to heat related issues when compared to other healthy dogs.

Hence in order to make your dog live longer and to its fullest lifespan, you need to take extra care to get your dog protected from all heat related complications and with the following aid you can easily get your dog’s heat exhaustion symptoms identified:

1. Your Dog will keep staggering around for unknown reasons.

2. You may witness heavy breathing in your dog and it may even exhibit unfamiliar breathing noises.

3. Your dog will always look excited and anxious.

4. When you check your dog’s skin, you may get a dry warmth feeling more than the normal.

5. Under heat stress your dog will become restless and weak.

6. If you measure your dog’s temperature, you will get a reading of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

7. Your dog’s salivation will be improper and inappropriate.

8. You may also notice a bout of diarrhea with occasional vomiting in your dog.

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