Essential List of Dog Supplies

It’s a good idea to create a list of dog supplies when you bring a dog home for the first time, in order to be prepared for the his arrival.

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There are so many cool dog products out there you will be tempted to buy them all. Unless you have an unlimited supply of money you need to begin with only the basics.

A good set of food and water bowls should be at the top of your list of dog supplies. Stainless steel is the best choice for feeding bowls followed by ceramic.

Plastic bowls are not recommended because scratches in the bowls can harbor bacteria and cause your dog to become ill. Reasonably priced, good quality stainless steel bowls should be available at your favorite dog supplies store.

You should invest in some sort of crate for your new dog. Crates are very effective tools for housebreaking as well as for confining your dog before he can be trusted in the house alone.

Crates, like wild dog dens, give dogs a feeling of well being and security. If you buy one for your dog you will soon see that it has become one of his favorite places.

What other types of dog supplies should I get?

A good collar is another one of those dog supplies that’s a must have. There are many different types of collars from which to choose.The most popular collars are made from a sturdy nylon. Leather collars are desirable as well.

The collar should have a place to attach a rabies tag and an ID tag. ID plates can also be mounted on the back of the collar.The collar should fit the dog comfortably; snug enough to avoid becoming caught, but not tight.

There are many other things you may want to add to your collection of dog supplies but these three things; a crate, set of good bowls, and a good strong collar should help you and your new dog make a good start.

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