Right Food for Your Dogs - The Most Important Choice

There are hundreds of choices of dog food on the market today. Everything from wet, dry, high protein, high fat, low protein, and low fat foods fill the aisles of our pet stores. So how is one to choose the right one for their dog?

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Well, first you need to have one basic goal in mind: Feed your dog the brand that keeps your dog looking and acting the best.

This is the most important thing to remember when choosing food for your dog. You may have to try several brands of dog food over a stretch of time before you can determine which is the best choice.

How do I know which dog food my pet will eat?

One important factor is likeability. You need to choose a food that your dog likes to eat. You’ll want it to be easily digestible, which is indicated by a small to moderate stool volume.

Ideally, you should check a week after switching. After a few weeks of the new food, check the dog’s coat and see if there is any improvement, such as it being shiny and healthy looking.

In addition your dog’s skin should be a healthy color, without sores or trouble spots. Your dog should have a healthy look overall.

Lastly, many consider the cost when making your pet’s food choices. One simple rule to remember is SPEND MORE TO SAVE MORE! Why you ask? Well, the principle is simple

The better quality, more expensive foods usually cost you less per feeding than inexpensive foods because you feed your dog less of these highly digestible foods, costing you less in the long run.

Whether you choose dry dog foods which are soybean, corn, or rice based, and are recommended for animals that are larger, or canned types that contain meat products and water for moisture for dogs smaller than 30 lbs., remember, dog foods contain fats and carbohydrates which are necessary for your pet’s energy.

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