How to Train Your Dog to Stay in Dog Kennel Cages?

Majority of the dog owners prefers to see their pets run around without any restriction and they enjoy all the pranks played by their pets and are even happy to show them to their visiting guests.

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The mindset of the people greatly influence them to either keep their dogs in a free environment or get them locked in a cage.

The Necessity for Training a Dog to get to used to Dog Kennel Cages

Though there is no harm in letting you dog roam freely in your yard, there may be situations such as you going on a vacation, or any other reason.

Where in you may have to leave behind your dog back at your home. Under such unavoidable circumstances, it will be better if you can leave your dog in a dog kennel especially in a dog kennel cage.

Majority of the dog kennels has specially made dog kennel cages and use them for keeping the dogs inside such cages.

In case your dog is not trained to stay inside the dog kennel cage then your dog will become restless and suffer from trauma once it is put into the cage in a kennel.

Hence, to avoid any possible problem, it is better you get your dog trained to stay in dog kennel cages and you can undertake your vacation without any botheration about your dog.

Choosing the Right Time for Training your Dog to get Adapted to Dog Kennel Cages

Dogs are more receptive in their young ages say when they are 3 to 8 months old and this is the right time for you to train your dog to get used to dog kennel cages.

3 to 8 months is the correct age group for your dog and you can engage a trainer to impart the training and the dog also will respond favourably to the training schedules and learn to stay in dog kennel cages.

The methodology used for such training is very simple. Your dog will be initially made to sit inside the cage for few minutes with the gate or the door open.

Putting your dog’s favourite bedding material inside the cage can also make your dog feel at home and your dog may not get a feeling that it is getting “caged”.

Once the dog feels comfortable with the open door, the trainer will start closing the door briefly during initial periods and the trainer will progressively increase the door shut condition.

Sso as to make the dog feel comfortable inside the cage even with door closed.The main idea here is to make the dog comfortable without giving it a chance to think that it being “caged” inside.

Finally, the dog will be made to sit or stay inside the cage for the whole night and the dog will also get accustomed to stay in dog house cages without getting perturbed.

The training schedule should be carried out over a period of time so as to make the dog to feel the stay inside cages as normal.

Your success depends on your efforts to make your dog feel at home even inside the cage and you have made your dog to stay successfully in dog kennel cages.

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