Want to make your Dog Alert? – Try Dog House Training

Any dog owners can tell you about the meaning and purpose of a dog house training and it is one of the tough jobs in any dog rearing experience.

Brain Train Your Dog

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A normal child needs 2 to 3 years to get trained in various basic behavioural aspects of life and in case of dog the time required is about 6 months.

Getting your dog trained is a tough task, but the very thought dog house training need not deter you from owning a dog, as the training can be made easy by following few suggestive steps.

Early Starting is a Must

Dog house training should begin at the earliest possible time and preferably the moment you bring your dog home for the first time.

If you have brought your dog directly from the animal pound or other kennels, them the dog might have been used to respond to the nature’s call right at the middle of your room or the lawn.

Only a proper training will ensure in correcting such behaviour of your dog and hence your first step in any dog house training should be getting a kennel constructed.

Training for Nocturnal Activities

If the dog is allowed inside your home, then it will sleep with you in the bed and in case you let your dog outdoors, the dog will take shelter and rest in the kennel. But this should not happen, as the dogs are not meant for taking rest in kennel during nighttime.

Dogs will not learn all by itself and hence the need for dog house training so as to make the dog guard the house during the night.

First the dog must be trained to hold all its nature’s calls when he/she is inside the kennel and when you let out the dog in the morning, then the dog can relieve its urges outside the kennel.

This way you can keep the kennel clean. Your first step should be to start the dog house training in the morning as you let the dog out of the kennel and dog will slowly learn to adjust to its cycle of responding to nature’s calls.

In the second lesson, your dog should be made to stay awake in the kennel all through the night and you should not feed your dog during night.

Younger pups will have smaller bladders and hence the moment they drink any liquid or eat food they tend to empty their bladder wherever they are.

The pups will be trained by giving food and water only at specific times so as to make them to adjust to the cycle and they will slowly learn to hold all the urges till morning.

Deciding on the Agenda of Training

Make it a point to teach your dog the schedules regularly. For example, let your dog out of the kennel for few hours daily so as to enable it to learn to use the open space as bathroom.

Do not feed your dog or offer anything when it is let out and till the dog learn to adjust to the cycle with strict adherence.

Over a period of time your dog is sure to get trained well in such aspects but not before trying and testing your few anxious moments.

In certain cases even after dog house training, your dog may still mess up inside the kennel. Under such circumstances allow your dog inside the kennel only for few minutes in a day and let the dog be out of the kennel majority of the time. Slowly the dog will learn that the kennel is not the place for all such bathroom activities.

You must make it a point to let your dog out from the kennel at a specified time every day without fail. If any of the tried out dog house training not working then it is your fault and not the dog’s one.

Ensure that you are consistent in imparting the training and try to teach your dog what you exactly want from it and over a period of time your dog will learn and you will be pleased to see your dog complying with the expected manners or behaviours correctly.

Though it is not possible to have a clean floor with a dog in your house, still a trained dog is good enough for you on many occasions.




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