Understanding Dog Kennel Design Better

The dog owners when they plan to build a dog kennel they have to necessarily take into account the dog kennel design whatever may be the technical details that are involved in it.

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In any dog kennel, the design and dimension are decided based on few criteria such as breed of the dog, climatic conditions of the area and whether the kennel is to be located indoors or outdoors.

There are many breeds in dogs and breeds such as Dachshunds, Beagles and Cocker Spaniels being smaller in body size require smaller area inside a kennel.

Bigger body sized breeds such as Doberman, Golden Retriever, Great Dane and German Shepherds (Alsatians) require quite a large area for better movement inside the kennel.

In any dog kennel design the basic plan and the overall structural concepts are kept common and only the design is modified to suit to the requirement of various breeds of dogs or to suit to the individual needs.

The first and foremost point of better air circulation is regarded as the main focal area in any dog kennel design and the safety and security being the next most important area that need to be addressed.

You must understand that even length, breadth, and height of the kennel have got some significance and cannot be ignored while planning a dog kennel design.

Design of the roof also plays a vital role in any dog house design and it should be preferably slanting and be able to reflect heat on the outer surface.

Though the shape doesn’t matter much, while planning a dog kennel design, you should be able to put greater emphasis on the quality of materials that go into the making the kennel because safety and security are the prime concerns in any dog kennel.

Various Varieties and Shapes of Dog Kennel Design

Depending upon your requirement dog kennel design can vary and they are dependent on factors such as outdoor or indoor kennels, or the size of the kennel, and so on.

Recently, in a world of varied dog kennel designs, the modular dog kennel is fast replacing all the existing designs and the dog owners also ardently support such modular dog kennels.

The popularity of the modular design lies in the fact that the design fulfills the dog owners’ expectations in many aspects and the shape of the modular kennels can also be changed to suit to the needs of the person or the area on which it is to be installed.

For instance, the owner can change the traditional rectangular shape to “L” shape and there is provision to add or remove extra links so as to increase or reduce the size of the kennel.

The modular kennel is best suited for the dog breeders, as they keep changing the kennel size and shape to suit to the existing demand for a particular breed.

The interesting or the classic feature in any modular kennel is the availability of the same as a complete kit comprising all the required materials including gate panels and wall panels, tools and instructions so as to make your job of constructing the dog kennel easy and quick.




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