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It is very necessary for dog to keep itself very healthy it is very important for the owners to insure that the dog is drinking adequate water if the dog is not consuming adequate water, no matter how healthy the food supply is it will not stick to the dog body.

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A fully grown up dogs body normally contain 60% water, while a puppy body contains nearly 80% of water. Dogs can afford to lose there fat and protein and stills stay healthy, how ever even if it has 10% water reduction in it is body it will lose all it is energy and would come to critical stage.

Water is very important to a dogs health and it is physical conditions. There fore the owner takes utmost responsibility that his pet it consuming the purest of water.

Normally its not a bad idea to have the dog drinking tap water. It usually is clean and drinkable and contains less germs. However if the tap water contains a lot of nitrates and magnesium it is not recommended to give it to the pet for consumption.

Just as people need to consume clean and germless water it is also essential to give the same to the dog. Normally tap water contains the least contaminants, however it depends upon place to place. Normally water is served in stoneware dishes or stainless steel bowls.

It is not advisable to serve water in plastic bowls as it may be contaminated. Dogs should be served water which is normally cool. Water should be at room temperature during winter for dogs to drink. It is also very essential to see to that the dog bowls are also very clean. This way it makes a healthy living for the dog

Is There Anything More Important Then Buying the Best Dog Foods?

It is very important to ensure that the dogs have access to water all the time. Dogs should have access to fresh and clean water all the time. This is more important than buying the best of dog foods in the market.

Fact is that a normal dog normally consumes three times more water than its food consumption. A dog which consumes canned food normally drink less amount of water. This is because the canned food contains adequate water supply.

It’s a fact that dogs when they become sick do not consume as much as water that they need to consume. The illness actually increases the need to intake more water.

However the dogs don’t increase their water intake. It is very important for you to realize whether your pet is dehydrated in these times. Sometimes when the dog is sick it tends to vomit. When it goes through these phases, it is advisable not to allow the dog to drink water.

Probably the only time that you would not offer water to your pet is when its puking. Its very important to consult a vet when your pet is suffering from illness.

Good food and pure water always ensures that your dog is in a better health and also contributes to its performance in various ways. Normally proper hygene and cleanliness would ensure that the working ability for a dog increases by 80 percent. Remember cleanliness ensures longevity and also enhances the performance of your pet.

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