Learn How Potty Training Your New Puppy will Save You from Embarrassments

In the same way the dog is trained to sleep in a dog crate bed, this is a perfect way to Potty train a new pup. But you should be consistent and allow the dog to know that it has done a good job. In your absence and that of supervision a dog crate bed is the best to have.

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The puppy will understand its limitations. You should teach the dog when and where it should relieve itself for other use and with out training it will never learn to do so. Every night the dog should sleep in a dog crate bed. Make the dog realize what it is expected to do and give it a regular routine to fall in line. Soon it will stop messing in its dog crate bed. There are a few simple steps to get things move smoothly.

Follow these steps

See that the puppy has outside “potty time” frequently after it is put in to the dog crate bed. Try it for every three hours till the dog is on a potty schedule. Take the dog outside and allow a couple of minutes to relieve itself and then put him back to the dog crate bed. After about a week you will have control over the puppy’s potty schedule. Let it coincide with your daily schedule. Your puppy thinks that the dog crate bed is a safe place and once potty trained will return to the dog crate bed to sleep when the need arises.

The Final Results

The puppy will understand in about 2 weeks of training. This method suits all types of dogs what ever their age. Dogs do not know the rules of home in general. You should be patient for this method to work. No training is possible for a puppy under four months as it has no control over relieving itself. Take it easy and slow. Reward your pet with treats. Be patient and have fun with your dog.



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