Portable Dog Kennel – The Permanent Solution for Your Temporary Need

Many dog owners get difficult times when it comes to confining their dog for a period that is transient in nature.

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Any dog owner will face such situations and there may be a necessity under which you need to get your dog stationed outside your house or even in a different locality and a portable dog kennel will prove to be very handy in such situations.

When it comes to portable dog kennels then you can have a variety based on the design, cost, material made from, and the purposes. Portable dog kennels are easier to carry and re-install in any place of your choice.

There are bigger sized portable dog kennels for larger breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Great Danes and Dobermans and of course, smaller sized portable dog kennels for your puppies and smaller sized dog breeds such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Chihuahuas.

Many dog owners who keep larger breed dogs go in for a particular variety of dog kennel by name Midwest K9 portable dog kennel, which is approximately 4 feet wide, 4 feet in height and 6 feet in length. This Midwest K9 model is nothing but the downsized chain link dog kennels weighing around 76 pounds approximately.

The Midwest K9 portable dog kennel is the most sought after model due to the easiness in assembling and re-assembling and the time taken may not exceed 30 minutes flat.

The chain links are made from 12.5 gauge wires and 1.25 inch steel tubes so as to make it both stronger and lighter in weight.

To protect the dog from outside heat, the ceiling is coated with sun reflective coating so as to prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering into the kennel and this model is known to provide a secure and comfortable atmosphere to your dog.

Regarding the maintenance, you must ensure that the wires are made rust proof and you can either use paints or get the wires galvanised.

Divergent Models of Portable Dog Kennels

When you look out for portable dog kennels then you will be surprised at the availability of many numbers of such kennels and the choices are sure enough for you to get confused.

There are breed specific portable dog kennels and they are made from various materials such as plastics, metal wires, synthetic fibre materials, etc.

Fibre material portable dog kennels are light in weight and if you are a habitual traveler and want to have a portable dog kennel, then such synthetic fibre dog kennels are the best choice for you.

Majority of the portable dog kennels weigh roughly around 25 pounds to 75 pounds and the Remington portable dog kennel is one choice that can give you an impact resistant and highly durable dog kennel for your use.

Further, there are few pet-taxi portable kennels or travel crates that doubles up as a portable dog kennel when you want to shift your dog from one place to another and such kennels weigh only 4 to 5 pounds.

Whatever may be your choice of portable dog kennel, make it a point to ensure the durability and quality so that your dog can spend a secure and comfortable time inside the portable dog kennel.

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