Know the Various Types of Dog Kennels

When it comes to construction of dog kennels, you can have a variety of choices and there are many varieties of materials that go into any dog kennel building.

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In fact, the number of choices will confront you and can make your decision difficult. In order to allay your difficulties get to know the most popular construction types of various dog kennels now.

Dog Kennels made from Heavy Duty Plastics

Dog kennels meant for smaller sized dogs are normally built with heavy-duty Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic materials. Kennels that are made from PVC can withstand rough usage and are tough enough to fight the vagaries of nature.

Due to its sturdiness, the plastic dog kennels are used for transporting smaller dogs and the dogs also enjoy a safe and secure transport from one place to another place.

The only known disadvantage is that such PVC dog kennels weigh more and offer lesser visibility at the time of transportation.

Dog Kennels made from Wire Frames

Wire frame dog kennels are best suited for dogs that are big in size and for dogs that may weigh around 30 pounds and more.

Today the wire frame type dog kennels are sought after by many people for one main reason of availability of various sizes to suit to the varied needs of various people.

You can have wire type dog kennels in variety of sizes to suit to your dog that may weigh around 10 pounds and even up to giant sized dogs that may weigh around 200 pounds.

The next best reason for the popularity for such wire type dog kennels is that the assembling of kennel is easy. Any person can just build the wire type dog kennel by just snapping few joints and hooks together and your dog kennel is ready in no time.

The only disadvantage with such wire type dog kennels could be the rusting nature of the wires used in making the dog kennels and such rusted and protruding wire may inflict injuries on your dog.

Dog Kennels made from Chain Links

A yet another popular choice is the chain link dog kennels that offer a very good space for your dog to run around inside the kennel.

The chain linked dog kennels can provide your dog a good protection and can serve as a safe and secure domain for living.

The chain link kennels are also flexible enough for you to add or provide additional enclosures and make it as a part of the existing kennel.

If your idea is to give a good exercise to your dog then the chain type dog kennels are the natural choice for you, as such kennels provide maximum space for your dog to move about.

The high cost is the only disadvantage in this chain link dog kennels, but the cost saved due to the easy maintenance property can offset the initial costs.

It is important that you choose your dog kennel wisely from the varieties of dog kennels available to you. Ensure that you choose the dog kennel based on few scientific research parameters and clear all your doubts before making your payment.

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