The Story of Large Dog Kennel in Culver City

One of the manufacturers of large dog kennel systems received an e-mail from one of the reporters working for Culver City Observer, a tabloid.

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The e-mail was sent on a Sunday, July 23, 2006 to the manufacturer’s web site, and the lady reporter sought certain clarifications besides informing them.

That many of Culver City residents are not happy with the location of the large dog kennel built by the county with the able assistance from the company.

Reporter also informed that the major public does not have any complaints regarding the quality of the equipment but they are dissatisfied with the location of the large dog kennel.

Locational Disadvantage of the Kennel

The reporter working for the Culver City Observer tabloid observed in many of the county meetings that the locational disadvantage of the existing large.

Dog kennel was the most discussed topics and everybody, ncluding the young pet owners, unanimously aired their objections and the inconveniences faced by them in reaching the large dog kennel located in their city.

However, there was no objection regarding the quality of the kennel or the equipment’s functioning in the large dog kennel, but all the objections were related to the distance or the locational inconvenience of the kennel.

Many pet owners, majority of them being children, were not in a position to appreciate the long and time consuming travel efforts to reach the county’s large dog kennel.

Though majority of the people living in Culver City vote for the excellent facilities that are available in the large dog kennel.

They just could not adjust to the inconvenience of travelling a bit more to reach the kennel.Further they also find it difficult to contact the kennel operators in case of emergency.

In many of the county meetings, many Culver City residents expressed measures for starting separate and own animal control facilities that can render useful and timely assistance to the pet owners of the city.

The public also expressed the need for facilities for reporting any loss of a cat or a dog to such department so as to take effective steps to find the lost animal and restore it to the owner.

As the present system is not viable especially for children who have got tight school schedules and they have to depend o their parent’s help for such reporting of their lost pets or for transporting their pets to the county’s large dog kennel.

The young pet owners they themselves would have experienced the tough time of chasing the dog or a cat or probably would have witnessed the reporter’s chasing drama on some other day.

It is possible that the dog that has been chased after by the reporter or by the children might have escaped from the large dog kennel and now as the facility has been moved from the location many residents find it difficult to reach the large dog kennel.

For having sent the e-mail, the reporter now await a reply and keep wondering about the nature of the reply that she might receive.

A positive reply will be in offing as the manufacturer is in the market for quite a long time and may never try to lose a market share when the concern was expressed by a majority of the residents of a city where the company has got a lion’s share as far as large dog kennels are concerned.




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