Stop Worrying about Your Dog Losing Hair

It is rather very difficult to observe dog hair loss directly. It may be due to some underlying diseases or some simple change in the dog's body chemistry due to hormonal changes as I humans. It may also depend on what the dog eats.

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Dog hair loss seen on the tail of the dog is a clear instance of a chemical response. This is because of a gland at the base of the dog's tail. Certain anal irritations are also responsible for dog's loss of hair on the tail.

Human Perspective

Dog's hair loss is more of a concern to the pet's owner than to the animal and thee are many ways and steps for the owner to take to reduce the risk of dog's hair loss.

Climate has to be considered carefully if the pet owner has a dog with long or thick hair. This thick and long hair can clot in the heat of summer, become dirty and be an ideal bed for fleas and parasites. If anti flea medicines are in effective, you may have to cut your dog's hair short as a prophylactic treatment to stop the dog from losing its hair.

Many people are of the opinion that bathing will be helpful. But dog's coat and skin are very well protected with a protective covering of oils and natural resisting agents. Over washing the dog will result in dog's hair loss.

Some flea treating shampoos are helpful specifically in longer haired dogs, as they prevent fleas from clinging to the hair. If the dog smells very bad or awful leave it to the dog to wash itself with the tongue.

Visit the veterinary dermatologist for handling ordinary dog hair loss. Often the dog may be allergic to simple flea bite. Resistance to it can be created by a technique called hypo sensitization by injecting small amounts of the allergen in to the body of the dog. This does not succeed always but is one means of preventing a dog's hair loss.




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