Puppy / Dog Leash Training - Most Rewarding & Challenging Experience

Your puppy will be able to walk in a safe and happy environment as fast as you leash train it. This isn’t an easy task how ever. Collars and leashes should be introduced to puppies in a loving an patient way as they are afraid of them

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Buy few of the favorite treats for your dog along with a collar with an id tag, a leash before you start leash training your puppy. Choke collars are not recommended for leash training, as you need a regular dog collar.

The collar should be put secure and comfortable around the puppy neck before you start the training. At the first time he will probably paw and roll around. For this don’t punish, scold or either don’t laugh or encourage this in any way. The puppy will forget it is there after few minutes

The leash should be attached once the puppy accepts. Let him walk around wearing it for a while, don’t pull him. This has to be done indoors with supervision to avoid the puppy getting entangled on something and getting hurt and take the leash off after a few minutes.

During the leash training this has to be repeated several times. To associate the leash with something pleasant attach the leash to his collar

Pick up the other end after he is comfortable wearing the leash. If he wishes let him lead and don’t Avoid positions where he wants to pull or strain against the leash and always lure towards you.

Give lots of praise and if possible a treat if he comes. On the other hand he will be more afraid of the leash if you scold him or punish. Praise him generously when he begins to walk.

As much as possible every part of leash training has to be made pleasant to the puppy. Practice in a familiar area without distractions when the puppy is comfortable and the walking are has to be widened gradually

It is time for you and your puppy to learn to manipulate stairs once walking on the leash and wearing the collar is conquered. For training your puppy to climb stairs the same patience and encouragement is required. Sit on the base of the steps with your puppy once you find a wide, inviting staircase.

Encourage your puppy to follow with your voice and a treat by going one step and asking him to follow. Give him a treat telling him how wonderful he is if he follows and repeat this as long as he not intimidated by the stairs.

Never punish your puppy or force him for not climbing the stairs while leash training him. He will be afraid and the training process will be impeded if you are forcing him

It is absolutely necessary for the safety of your puppy even tough leash training is challenging for you. In the process of happy transition from puppy to a dog training new puppies is a great




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