How to Puppy Training

Adequate time should be devoted to the training of the puppy dog. Chasing is one of the natural instincts of a dog. Apart from being fun, it should not develop chasing as a habit.

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Therefore it is very important for you to devote considerable time when it comes to training your puppy. It should be clear that your dog understands and obeys the meaning of the command “OFF

There is a very basic command in puppy training. It’s the OFF command. It is very essential to teach your dog the right meaning of the command. Training a pup on this command demands a very controlled atmosphere.

There should be an atmosphere where the dog is able to concentrate. It’s always advisable to start the training inside the house. You can put your pup across a leash and throw out a tennis ball. You can then start training on the OFF command. You should make sure that the puppy does not go for the ball once it here’s the command.

Like individuals, motivation is also very important when it comes to training pups. Once the pup gets used to this command, you can start using this command in various atmosphere’s like the backyard or in your garden.

However until the pup gets hundred percent trained on this command, don’t ever unleash it. Keep training it until it gets used to the command. Essentially try it in various atmospheres.

The next level of this exercise is to carry out this training with the help of a jogger. The off command has to be followed with utmost precision. It’s not a bad idea to employ a friend of yours as a jogger.

If you think that your puppy may be run over by cars in the street, you can take it to a place where there wouldn’t’ be much of a traffic. However make sure that the person in the car is totally aware of this exercise as he can always be careful if the puppy tries to pull away.

It’s very important for you to continue this puppy training on a very regular basis. As like humans, dogs also have their moments of weakness. Be sure that your dog gets trained in the best possible way you can. Keep it constantly trained in your home or backyard until you are a hundred percent confident.




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