Do You Know that Larger Breed Dogs Need a Large Dog House?

Today one can have a variety of dog breeds and there are dogs of various types and various sizes. The size also varies from smaller to very large dogs and you can choose one based on your taste and preference.

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For example small Chihuahua dogs constitute smaller sized breeds and where as the robust Saint Bernard comes under larger sized breeds.

Many of the dog owners accommodate their smaller dogs within their home itself where as bigger breeds have to necessarily be accommodated in dog houses.

The Fundamental Prerequisite of a Large Dog House

Any dog house has to fulfill certain basic needs and the large dog house is no exception. Now let us try to understand the basic requirements of large dog house in its larger perspective:

• Guarding against Sun – You should provide sufficient shelter in the large dog house so as to safeguard your dog from the scorching sun.

A good shelter can save you r dog from sun as well as from dehydration complications. Further the shelter can maintain a cool interiors in the large dog house there by helping your dog to maintain its body temperature.

• Guarding against Snow and Rain – You should note to make the large dog house totally waterproof.

A good waterproofing solution can protect your dog from the chilling snow and be able to maintain a cosy atmosphere inside the dog house. Further, the facility will also protect your dog from rain and humidity.

• Guarding against Wind – Please note to make provisions for protecting your dog from strong winds, as majority of the dogs especially bigger dogs are very prone to sickness if exposed to strong winds.

While providing all the above-mentioned things, you should not compromise on the safety and security aspects and in no case you should fail in providing such facilities in your large dog house.

The main purpose of any dog house is to provide a safe and comfortable shelter for your dog all through the year.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the size of the dog house. One section of people claim that irrespective of the size of the dogs, all dogs are to be necessarily accommodated only in a large dog house.

The other section of people argue that the size of the dog house should be based on the size of the dogs meaning that larger the dog size, the larger will be the size of the dog house.

Both the factions of people can be considered right in their own perspectives. However, the size of the dog house should be basically determined based on the size of the dog.

If your dog is bigger in size, then the dog house should be large enough to accommodate the dog comfortably. Though there is no harm in accommodating a smaller dog in a large dog house.

The small dog may not relish such a big dog house and may start feeling unpleasant and you also run a risk of your smaller dog discarding the dog house totally.

Hence, to make the situation better you can try to strike a balance between two sizes namely large dog house and small dog house meaning that you can make the dog house just comfortable enough with ample space for movement for your dog.




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