Insulated Dog House in Aid of Protecting Your Dog

Any dog owner, irrespective of the breed owned, will always prefer to see their pet dogs live in a relatively safe and comfortable atmosphere.

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Few people keep their pet dogs inside their home itself and yet few other people construct dog kennels outside in their lawns or courtyards and leave their dogs in it.

And whatever may be option chosen, the dog owners are keen in giving a comfortable living condition for their dogs, be it inside their home or outside in the kennels.

Facilities that an Ideal Dog House should Invariably Contain

A dog house, like any other house for human being, should invariably be able to extend a safe and comfortable atmosphere for living.

Let us see few of such critical factors that are capable of either making or doing away with the comforts of the dog living in now:

• The height of any planned dog house should be able to accommodate the full height of the tallest dog available and there should be enough space over the dog’s head at least 2 to 3 feet minimum.

Before deciding the height of the dog house, get your dog’s height measured first in its standing position and then decide your dog house height after providing for the future height growth of your dog.

Note to add at least one third of the measured height of your dog and provide sufficient space towards the width portion of the dog house.

• Another important point is that the entry/exit point or the door of the kennel should be so positioned that it should be visible to your dog both in its lying and in standing positions.

Further, the entrance should be large enough for your dog to get in and out without getting stuck.

• The next major factor that decides the comfort level in any dog kennel is the insulation in the dog house. Majority of the times.

The dog will be left in the dog house and only a well insulated dog house alone can protect your dog from bad weather conditions such as summer heat, incessant rains, and snow.

A better insulated dog house will be able to provide warmth in colder months and cooler atmosphere in summer season there by giving your dog a cosy living in all the harsh weather conditions.

• Besides having an insulated dog house, you should also provide a leak proof roof and the dog house should be made capable of getting rid of the accumulated humidity inside.

A high humid atmosphere can assist in forming fungus and other mildew formation that may interfere with your dog’s overall health.

To make this possible many people position the entry and exit points differently there by giving a chance for the dog to hide from the nature’s fury in any one of the places.

Such thoughtfully positioned entry and exit points in an insulated dog house can greatly enhance the comfort levels of your dog in all possible climatic conditions.

• Further, you can also explore the possibility of constructing your insulated dog house over stilts so that air can easily flow below the dog house making it still cooler in summer months and due to the elevated position, your dog is also well protected from crawling insects.




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