How to Decide on the Most Feasible Dog House Design for Your Dog?

The moment you get an idea of building a dog house then you will naturally look for a suitable dog house design and also look for the sources.

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You have the following alternatives:

• Your friendly carpenter can instantaneously give few extempore dog house designs, and based on which you can work out your specifications.

• There are showrooms that offer expert advice on dog house designs and you can even get your expectations incorporated in a customised design.

• The word wide web or the internet is the next resource where you can have umpteen numbers of dog house designs and majority of them are even free. There are even few web sites that exclusively specialise in dog house designs and you can even get exotic designs.

What are the Essentials in a Dog House?

Any fundamental requirements of a dog house are based on the purpose for which the dog house will be put to use.

For instance, if the dog house is meant for sheltering the dog only for a temporary period then one need not look for providing more facilities and the dog house can be made with less stronger materials.

In case of the dog house being used permanently, then you need to think of providing all the basic requirements such as shelter, security, proper ventilation, good movement space, etc.

If your idea is to go for a permanent type of a dog house then the chosen dog house design should have both the aesthetic values and solid materials so as to withstand any level of vagaries of nature.

You should also note to consider the size of the dog house depending on the size of your dog. Further, in cold winter you may have to even think of providing heating facilities to make your dog cosy inside the kennel.

A lot of thoughts and scientific approaches are to be applied while designing a good dog house, because the size of the dog house should be spacious enough for the dog to move around and at the same time compact enough to get the warmth quickly in winter months.

The next important aspect that should not escape your mind while going for a dog house design is the proper ventilation.

Any poorly ventilated dog house will not allow the stale air to escape leading to high humidity and a bad smelling dog house.

The recommended solution for proper ventilation is to provide an air vent at the top of the dog house or in the roof, as air vents are capable of circulating fresh air by driving out stale air through vents. Due to proper air circulation the humidity level will also be at a desirable level.

When it comes to choosing the materials for your dog house you should not compromise on cheap and filthy materials, as they are capable severely jeopardising the security of your dog.

Further choose only such materials that are washable, waterproof, modular in nature, insulated or galvanised, and have aesthetic appearance.

Today one can get all these features in a pre-fabricated polypropylene material and it will be easy for cleaning and disinfecting.

To make the finishing touch, you can go for a good, dust proof and weather proof bedding material for that real cosy feeling to your dog.




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