How Obedience Training can Correct your Dog’s Misbehavior

Generally dogs are not born to misbehave and in the event of your dog’s unanticipated misbehavior, you should not construe it to be the bad nature of your dog. It is quite common to see dogs, especially in their early growing years, chewing up or gnawing on furniture, carpets and even your hand while feeding and you may keep wondering at what could be the possible way to stop this act.

Brain Train Your Dog

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Though dog obedience training is not the panacea for all your dog-related problems, you can still use it to correct many of your dog’s unwanted behaviors and help your dog understand your expectations.

Besides jumping on what ever seen before its eyes, your dog is also keen in pleasing you as its owner in what ever way that it may come across. Once your dog understands and chooses you as owner or boss, then from that time onwards you can see a sea change in its behavior and your dog will start behaving the way you like.

However, before you could start off the obedience training for your dog, you should train your dog to respond to simple commands like sit, stay, etc., and you should also bear in mind that at initial stages you may have to be little stern, though not punishing, to make your dog listen and act to your voice commands.

The moment you make your dog understand that your are his boss, then at each of his proper behavior you can shower your praise on him and with this background you can start the much needed obedience training. You can also bear in your mind that there are very good chances that your breed of dog may consider only one person in your family as its boss and may choose to ignore others and their commands altogether.

Which is the Right Time for Training

It is wise to ignore the popular saying “It is not possible to teach an old dog new tricks”, as it is possible to train a dog at any age and the only factor that decides the efficacy is time. However, animal enthusiasts recommend that you should start dog obedience training as soon as your dog enters your home for the first time, irrespective of age, so that your dog can learn in a new atmosphere after duly unlearning any of the old behaviors.

Once you form a base or a platform where in your dog has learned few behaviors then the job will be easy, as your dog will start expecting more lessons from you in order to keep you happy as a owner. There is also every chance for your dog to get back any of the its old unwanted or unpleasant behavior and in such an event you should be stern enough to correct your dog’s behavior and make it behave the correct way or rather not behave the old way.

A good knowledge on the various aspects of dog training can come very handy whenever you set your mind to train your own dog and if you are new to the concepts of dog training then you can learn the basics from many sources. Further, you must bear in your mind that consistency is the important key in any successful dog training, as any deviation from your original ideas might confuse your dog and make it disobey you and your commands.




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