Dog Collars & Leashes - Gives Your Dog an Identity

Dog collars and leashes are a very low-priced way help identify your pet - not to mention being a fashion statement! This very important single item can save your companion's life, if he should ever disappear from your home for any reason.

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There are a variety of dog collars and leashes you can purchase for your pet. No matter if he is big or small, there is a collar out there for your special companion. With all of the choices out there, your best bet is to keep it simple.

The weight and width of dog collars should be in proportion to your pet's size. To get an accurate length, measure your dog's neck a few inches below his head, adding an inch for small dogs and 2 inches for medium or large dogs.

Your final consideration in types of dog collars and leashes should be what type or style best suits your animal’s coat? If your pet has a short coat, a broad, flat leather or woven nylon collar with a sturdy metal buckle works well.

Do dog collars differ depending on my pet's type of coat?

If your pet's coat is thick and lush or if he has long hair a "rolled" style may work better. Although "snap together" types are convenient and sometimes more attractive, if your dog is large or strong, a buckled type is a safer choice.Nylon styles are not only sturdy and inexpensive, but come in a variety of colors and patterns.

If your dog spends a lot of time around other canines, check his collar frequently for signs of chewing damage and replace it right away if necessary.Your dog may be your best friend, but your pet's best friend is his collar.

They are more than a fashion statement, they are important because they also contain your companion's ID.Attached identification tags can save your pet's life and at the very least, ensure that your best friend could be returned to you if lost.




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