Dog Kennel Supplies – A Viable Alternative in Your Absence

Rearing dog is fun and an interesting avocation.

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But when it comes to leaving the station either on for official reasons or personal reasons, then the most difficult part of leaving your dog behind in a kennel will start gnawing you down.

One of the choices could be appointing a person to take care of your dog in your absence but many cannot afford to it for obvious reasons and the next best alternative could be leaving your dog in a dog kennel for fending.

Know the Various Types of Dog Kennel Supplies

Your first priority should be that you choose a dog kennel that is suitable for your dog in all aspects. In case your dog does a lot of pranks and needs a constant vigil or attention, then a normal or regular dog kennel may not be sufficient enough.

Standard or normal kennels does provide general care but does not offer any specialised care or any extravagant amenities.

If your period of absence is around a week, then such regular dog kennels will suffice, as they take care of your dog’s any normal feeding, exercising and offering a place to sleep.

But if your stay is more than a week or your stay outside cannot be determined in advance then such common kennels are not sufficient and you may have to look for some specialised kennels that may fulfill all your dog’s requirements.

Ascertain the Facilities Offered by the Kennel before Deciding

When your dog’s health and well being are your prime concern, then you cannot take chances and you need to know few valid points before deciding at the dog kennel. They are:

• The dog kennel should have large space for your dog to run around to fulfill its outdoor activities and exercise schedules.

• The indoor space provided should also be sufficiently big enough and not cramped so as to avoid any Claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), as dogs are most the vulnerable category for this phobia.

• The kennel space and the surrounding should be clean and devoid of any rubbish or filth. Further, the place should not emit any bad odour.

• The bedding materials provided to your dog should be clean and free from fleas and foul smell.

• Ensure that the entire kennel area is well ventilated allowing sufficient air circulation.

• The lighting provisions made should be adequate to the needs of a dog and the area is a very spacious one.

As you make your travel trip, you will be leaving your dog in the kennel and for making your absence or the kennel life less painful to your dog, kindly ensure providing the following dog kennel supplies:

• A compact chewable toy for chewing and playing with or to keep it by the side.

• Leave one of your regularly used clothing so as to make your dog get the smell of your dress often and get pacified.

• Your dog’s own original food bowl.

• If your dog is used to certain type of favourite food items, then note to include such items in your list of dog kennel supplies.

• Leave your dog’s original leash to make your dog comfortable with its original one.

Besides, ensuring al the above-mentioned dog kennel supplies you also need to furnish your contact numbers and the number of your regular veterinarian for handling any emergencies.

You also need to leave a set of your dog’s regular tonics, medicines, etc., that are prescribed for regular intake.

Last, but not the least, do not fail to provide your dog’s regular diet details in a written down form.

Finally be aware that the very success of dog kennel supplies greatly depends on its proper following and usage.




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