Dog Kennel Flooring – How to Choose the Right One?

The most important factor that has always been inadvertently neglected in any dog kennel building is the dog kennel flooring.

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When it comes to flooring in any dog kennel, you have two options in dog kennel flooring namely permanent flooring and a temporary or instant type.

Concrete floors come under the permanent category and the high-grade synthetic fibre floors constitute to instant floor category.

The dog kennel flooring should be given a thorough thought before building a dog kennel as the floor plays a vital role in your dog’s safety and well being.

The general rule in any dog kennel floor is that the same should be made rough so as to avoid any skidding and to save your dog from getting fractured limbs.

Any sleek or high finish floors are not recommended for puppies as they are known to cause bone malformation and the same may lead to improper gait when they become adult dogs.

When you want to have a floor that has got the high acceptance rate and convenience, then the temporary or the instant type dog kennel flooring should be your natural choice.

On the other hand, if the permanent type of floors such as wooden floors or concrete floors is laid in your kennel then you may have to incur more cost and your choice will become an expensive proposition when compared to the artificial dog kennel flooring.

High quality synthetic fibres are used in laying the artificial kennel floors and as these fibres are interwoven, the floor will become hard and highly durable giving you the worth of money spent on it.

Further, these artificial floors are weatherproof, durable and washable that makes it as an appropriate choice for any outdoor use also.

A yet another advantage of such artificial dog kennel flooring is that your dog cannot dig the floor (digging the ground is a favourite pastime for the dogs) and there by saving you from spending on maintenance cost also.

Factors to be Considered while Choosing a Floor for your Dog Kennel

Do not make a hasty decision in your deciding the type of the floor for your dog kennel as any ill-conceived decision may result in a regrettable situation later.

Before you could make a decision, it is better to get to know the related details first such as various cost structures, durability, availability of various brands, after sales service or maintenance support, etc., and then decide on your choice.

If you have any plan to have your dog kennel indoors, then you can make the floor little rough so as to enable your dog have a solid grip.

Once you have decided to go in for the indoor type of dog kennel then you need not look into the various aspects of any outdoor floor types and you can invest all your efforts and energies in other concerns such as lighting, electrical wiring, kennel design, ventilation, etc.

In any dog kennel building job, as a responsible dog owner you should accord proper importance to the dog kennel flooring and settle only for quality materials.

Any good quality floors will always be durable and can withstand the varied climatic conditions thereby giving a very long support to your dog’s better comfort and living.




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