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Dog groomers do far more than just fluff and dry; they also address several vital health practices regarding your dog’s eyes, ears, and anal glands.

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Of course it’s not impossible to take care of these grooming issues yourself, but in many instances it’s safer and more practical to let a professional handle these sensitive areas.

Proper ear car requires periodic cleanings. Veterinarians and professional dog groomers use an agent to dissolve earwax or saline solution to clean dogs’ ears.

These cleaning agents and are usually put into the ear before bathing. It is crucial for the groomer to keep dogs’ ears dry. If water runs into a dog’s ear during a bath, a drying agent containing isopropyl alcohol, acetic acid, or boric acid is put into the ear.

Professional dog groomers recommend using a wash rag instead of Q-tips to help dry the ears. Using Q tips increase the chance of injuring the eardrum. If the cleaning requires places out of a wash rags reach you should seek professional help.

Dog groomers usually apply an ointment to a dogs’ eyes before bathing to protect the cornea. However, the trend is moving away from these types of practices because some professionals believe the ointment may trap irritants that run into the eyes during the bath.

Closing, squinting, redness, and excessive tearing are good indicators for eye problems.Another part of proper dog grooming the professionals see to is expressing anal glands.

Have you ever noticed your dog dragging his bottom across the carpet? If you have, you know how important it is to take him to the dog groomer.

What he is trying to do is release the fluid build up in tiny sacs located under the base of his tail. If he is successful, you will know by the rank smell.

Since the sacs are fragile and discoloration could indicate infection, this part of grooming should be left up to a professional or a veterinarian.

Adequate grooming is necessary to maintain your dog’s health. If it’s something you want to do personally, you should try to educate yourself on the finer points, but using professional dog groomers will be beneficial to you in the long run.




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